Bill Dambrova

My artwork is inspired by hidden worlds, especially the inner workings of living things. Using expressive marks and dynamic compositions motivated by events happening inside and sometimes outside of our bodies, my art practice allows me to visually explore our biological and metaphysical relationship with plants, animals, the cosmos, and each other. In my work I strive to emulate and celebrate the energy and visceral qualities of our biotic existence.
My goal with the work is to activate the bodies of perception in my audience as a reflection of the motivated bodies that express themselves within all living things. I hope that my work might make an important contribution, not just to how the viewer receives ideas about painting in general or my art specifically, but much more importantly, to how they experience themselves as physical and energetic beings in relationship with all other beings. 
I intend to capture a type of crossing between material and spiritual substrates within each composition. For me, this includes thinking about the body as a type of landscape of constant behind the scenes exchanges and interactions within the self, as well as with the more than human world that exists outside of us. This process helps me to create works that are informed by varied taxonomies of the body which are subtly woven together by diagramming different models of conscious experience as a kind of network of larger, molecular and metaphysical forces.
 In an effort to capture these mutually implicated states, my work contains references to evolution, shamanistic techniques, swarm behavior, theories of emergence, morphic resonance, archetypal symbolism, totemic powers, archeology, global art history, natural history, and many other cross-cultural symbols and references.